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Guaranteed Results

With, we guarantee to bring new customers through your door. Every day we reach out to thousands of people who are excited to spend money at the businesses we feature. They are fun and exciting and generally spend 50% more than the value of the original deal. On top of that, they are computer savvy and huge social networkers, so one satisfied customer from our site often means many more to come!

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At buytopia, our business is your business. Since we take a small amount for every deal we sell, our success comes directly from your success. Not only do we feature your business on our site, but we run innovative and exciting advertising campaigns all year that promote the businesses we feature, all at no cost to you.

We support you!

Unlike most short term advertisers, buytopia wants to forge a lasting relationship with our clients so we can grow together long after we feature your deal. We will be there to help plan out what kind of deal will best suit your business. We also want to help you manage all the new customers that will be coming through your door while still being able to satisfy your loyal clientele. If you have any questions about how we can help you, get a hold of us at